SUNY series in American Labor History

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Steel and Steelworkers

Breaks new ground in the study of an industry and region crucial to the history of American industrial capitalism.

Labor in Retreat

Offers a fresh perspective on the origins of business unionism.

Cultures of Opposition

Looks at the forging of a new Jewish political culture at the turn of the century.

Pursuing Justice

Examines the career of the nation's most prominent liberal labor lawyer during a period of ascending labor power. Pressman was also one of the most prominent underground communists active in American political life from the early New Deal to the beginning of the Cold War.

Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994

Traces the rise and fall of organized labor's political power over the course of the twentieth century.

Organizing the Unemployed

Examines the organization of the unemployed during the Great Depression and demonstrates the linkage between their mobilization and automobile-industry organization.

The Immigrant Left in the United States

A transnational social history of immigrant-group involvement in radical activities in nineteenth- and twentieth-century America that provides missing links between the immigration experience, the neighborhood, the workplace, politics, and culture.


An anthology of original essays on the history of work experience in automobile factories, from 1913 to the present.

Militancy, Market Dynamics, and Workplace Authority

This book is an account of the political economy of labor relations in the U. S. automobile industry from the end of World War II to the 1970s. Zetka develops a sophisticated paradigm of hegemonic and ...

Cold War in the Working Class

This book tells the story of the rise and decline of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) from 1933 to 1990. Once the third-largest industrial union in the United States, ...

Divided Loyalties

John Mitchell was a contradictory figure, representing the best and worst labor leadership had to offer at the turn of the century. Articulate, intelligent, and a skillful negotiator, Mitchell made effective ...

Democratic Miners

Democratic Miners traces the history of work and labor relations in the anthracite coal industry, focusing on conditions that led up to, and followed, the famous strike of 1902. That strike, an epic five-and-a-half-month ...

The Gentle General

This is the first major biography of Rose Pesotta, the organizer and vice president of the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) from 1933 to 1944. After moving to the United States from ...

Fleeting Opportunities

This book tells the story of the daily lives of women industrial workers in World War II shipyards. It focuses on their struggle against the persistence of occupational segregation, the sexual and racial ...

Labor Divided

Labor Divided is the first anthology on race, ethnicity and the history of American working-class struggles to give substantial attention to the experiences of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic workers ...

Vito Marcantonio

Explores Vito Marcantonio’s unique status as a radical politician from New York City.

Red November, Black November

Red November, Black November is a study of the culture of the I. W. W. movement at the turn of the twentieth century. It analyzes the Wobblies' use of cultural expressions such as songs, poems, and cartoons ...

Defending a Way of Life

This book profiles an American community in the nineteenth century to show the larger process by which the nation was transformed from a life close to the frontier to that characteristic of industrial ...

UAW Politics in the Cold War Era

This is the first book-length study of the triumph of the Reuther caucus over the Thomas-Addes-Leonard coalition in the United Auto Workers union. The dramatic defeat of the left-center coalition had ...

American Automobile Workers, 1900-1933

This book is a comprehensive history of automobile workers in the pre-union era. It covers changes in the kinds of workers who staffed the auto factories, developments in the labor process and in overall ...

Life and Labor

Life and Labor brings together the most stimulating scholarship in the field of labor history today. Its fifteen essays explore the impact of industrialization and technology on the lives of working people ...