SUNY series in the Sociology of Culture

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AIDS and American Apocalypticism

Looks at how both anti-gay and AIDS activists use apocalyptic language to describe the AIDS crisis.

Landscapes of Abandonment

Examines the relationship of modern life, including modern capitalism, to feelings and phenomena of abandonment.

A Diagnosis for Our Times

Explores Americans' increasing attraction to alternative medicine by looking at two alternative health networks, one "New Age," the other conservative Christian.

Who Is My Neighbor?

Points the way toward a world in which we might feel more connected to and responsible for each other.

French Intellectual Nobility

The first study to examine the conditions that led to the production of theories like "structuralism" and "poststructuralism. "

Moral Codes and Social Structure in Ancient Greece

An exercise in cultural sociology, Moral Codes and Social Structure in Ancient Greece seeks to explicate the dynamic currents of classical Hellenic ethics and social philosophy by situating those idea-complexes ...

Notes from Underground

Describes the Russian rock music counterculture and how it is changing in response to Russia's transition from a socialist to a capitalist society. It explores the lived experiences, the thoughts and feelings of the rock musicians as they meet the challenges of change.

Novels, Novelists, and Readers

Focusing on British and American novels, Rogers takes a sociological look at the business of literature, the book industry, and the experiences of novelists and readers. Viewing the novel as a vehicle ...


This book interprets popular American belief and sentiment about cities, suburbs, and small towns in terms of community ideologies. Based on in-depth interviews with residents of American communities, ...