Animal Rights

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Cosmopolitan Belongingness and War

Offers a cosmopolitan account of war that blends sharp inquiry into interspecies politics with original poetry on animals, loss, and war.

Animals in Irish Society

By Corey Lee Wrenn
Subjects: Sociology

The first exploration of vegan Irish epistemology, one that can be traced along its history of animism, agrarianism, ascendency, adaptation, and activism.

Face to Face with Animals

Edited by Peter Atterton & Tamra Wright
Subjects: Philosophy

Explores Levinas’s approach to animal ethics from a range of perspectives.

Regarding Life

Contends that the narrative and aesthetic qualities of the documentary genre enable new understandings of animals and animal/human relationships.

Political Theory and the Animal/Human Relationship

Examines how the animal/human divide has influenced power dynamics.

The Thou of Nature

Explores the spiritual obligations of humans to animals from a religious naturalist’s perspective.

Saving Eagle Mitch

When a Navy SEAL and former Army Ranger rescue a wounded eagle in war-torn Afghanistan, a writer learns what it can take to do one good deed in a seemingly wicked world.

Critical Animal Studies

By Dawne McCance
Subjects: Philosophy

Comprehensive overview of key theoretical approaches and issues in the field.

Being in the Pampas

Explores the question of being through readings of Parmenides’s Poem, Zeno’s paradoxes, and Plato’s Parmenides.

With Respect for Nature

Explores how humans can take the lives of animals and plants while maintaining a proper respect both for ecosystems and for those who live in them.

Animal Others

Explores questions concerning animals from a continental perspective.

The Ticking Tenure Clock

By Blaire French
Subjects: Philosophy

Lydia Martin begins her tenure year one book shy, and when a sensational project presents itself she finds herself romantically entangled and ethically challenged.

Ethical Vegetarianism

Edited by Kerry S. Walters & Lisa Portmess
Subjects: Philosophy

For vegetarians seeking the historical roots of vegetarianism, for animal rights activists and the environmentally concerned, and for those questioning their consumption of meat, here's a book that provides ...

Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights

Charles Hartshorne is one of the premier metaphysicians and philosophers of religion in the twentieth century. He has written extensively on animals, both as a philosopher of nature and as an expert on ...

Of Mice, Models, and Men

Too much emotion and insufficient fact. This paradox has long characterized the controversy surrounding animal research.

Of Mice, Models, and Men is the first exhaustive treatment of all areas—empirical ...