Continental Philosophy

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Imagining Law

Essays consider Drucilla Cornell’s contributions to philosophy, political theory, and legal studies.

Overcoming Modernity

These last writings by Japanese philosopher Yuasa engage both Western and Eastern thought to reconsider modernity and offer an alternative, more holistic paradigm.

The Grounding of Positive Philosophy

The first English translation of Schelling’s final “existential system.”

Paul Ricoeur and the Poetic Imperative

Looks at Ricoeur’s writings on love and justice, prominent toward the end of his life, and how these serve as an interpretive key to his thought as a whole.


Examines the role of experience within Adorno’s philosophy of language and epistemology.

The Comedy of Philosophy

Melds philosophical analysis with early cinematic history to develop a fresh theory of the notion of comedy.

Signifiers and Acts

Situates Lacan’s theory of the subject within contemporary philosophical debates over freedom and agency.

Sartre and Adorno

Systematic comparison of Sartre and Adorno that focuses on their theories of the subject.

Sarah Kofman's Corpus

Draws connections between the life and writings of philosopher Sarah Kofman.

Nietzsche and Paradox

Translated from the French, this book analyzes the paradoxes that fundamentally characterize Nietzsche’s philosophy and texts.

Tragedies of Spirit

Examines tragedy in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

Contemporary Italian Philosophy

Edited and translated by Silvia Benso
Edited by Brian Schroeder
Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Contemporary Italian Philosophy

Leading Italian philosophers engage issues in ethics, politics, and religion.

A Voice from Elsewhere

Reflections on the enigma and secret of “literature.”

Unquiet Understanding

Argues that Gadamer’s philosophical hermeneutics merits a radical reappraisal.


Explores the conceptual schema underlying our understanding of reproductive technologies.

Troubling Play

By Kelsey Wood
Subjects: Philosophy

This new interpretation of Plato's Parmenides emphasizes its treatment of time and language—insights especially relevant for those working in the Continental tradition.

Heidegger and Aristotle

Interprets Heidegger’s phenomenological reading of Aristotle’s philosophy.

The Gods and Technology

An analysis of Heidegger’s philosophy of technology.

Madness and Death in Philosophy

Demonstrates the significance of the concepts of madness and death for the history of philosophy.

The Step Back

Explores the ethical and political possibilities of philosophy after deconstruction.

Lyrical and Ethical Subjects

A wide-ranging attempt to develop a theory of ethical life from a hermeneutic understanding of language.

Alain Badiou

An introduction to Badiou's philosophical thought and its implications for other humanistic disciplines and the social sciences.

Petrified Intelligence

A critical introduction to Hegel's metaphysics and philosophy of nature.

Platonic Legacies

Demonstrates how archaic Platonism has a profound significance for contemporary thought.

Questioning Platonism

Explores interpretations of Plato by Heidegger, Derrida, Irigaray, Cavarero, and Gadamer.