Higher Education Systems Redesigned

From Perpetuation to Innovation to Student Success

Edited by Jonathan S. Gagliardi & Jason E. Lane
Preface by Nancy L. Zimpher

Subjects: Higher Education, Educational Administration, Educational Assessment And Evaluation, Education Policy And Leadership
Series: SUNY series, Critical Issues in Higher Education
Hardcover : 9781438487670, 252 pages, April 2022
Paperback : 9781438487687, 252 pages, October 2022

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Table of contents

List of Illustrations

Art Seavey

Nancy L. Zimpher

Jonathan S. Gagliardi and Jason E. Lane

Part I: Background

1. The Evolution of Higher Education Systems from Regulators to Facilitators to Leaders of Student Success
Jonathan S. Gagliardi and Jason E. Lane

2. Scaling Up and Scaling Out: A Framework for System-Facilitated Innovation in Higher Education
Jonathan S. Gagliardi

Part II: Reimaging Educational Delivery

3. A System Perspective on Scaling High-Impact Practices in Higher Education
Audrey Hovannesian and Ken O'Donnell

4. Embracing Disruption and New Educational Models to Transform Learning across Higher Education Systems
Houston D. Davis and Myk Garn

5. Predictive Analytics and Choice Architecture and Their Role in System-Scale Student Success: Empowering a Mobile Advising Tool across Campuses
Tristan Denley

Part III: Building an Innovation Infrastructure

6. The Role of Higher Education Systems in Promoting Educational Innovation: Developing a Competency-Based Learning Environment at Scale
Steven Mintz

7. Enabling the Culture of Academic Innovation: Lessons Learned from a Systemwide Course Redesign Initiative
Joann A. Boughman and M. J. Bishop

Part IV: Frameworks for Large-Scale Change

8. Driving Student Success Collectively: Lessons Scaling from Campuses to Systems to a Network of Systems
Rebecca R. Martin and Jason E. Lane

9. Navigating the Messy Business of Multicampus System Change in Higher Education: A Framework for Implementation
Jason E. Lane and Jonathan S. Gagliardi


Brings together scholars and higher education system leaders to highlight concrete examples of system change and realignment to advance student success.


Long an afterthought of the American higher education ecosystem, multi-campus systems have become more important than ever. In recent years, leading higher education systems have engaged in transforming the way they work, scaling best practices, leveraging data and analytics, and creating platforms to optimize and personalize these systems for increasingly diverse students. In Higher Education Systems Redesigned, leaders of these efforts share their insights into "systemness" and how to facilitate sustainable change in a system setting while navigating and leveraging tensions between campus and system priorities. Highlighting examples of successful realignment of these priorities with a focus on contextualized design and implementation, the book charts a shift in the aim of systems. Rather than perpetuating existing norms as they have traditionally done, systems are taking measures to spark innovation across campuses and use evidence-based practices to foster student access and completion rates, better serve communities, and drive social mobility and economic growth. Each chapter concludes with a list of takeaways to guide other system leaders and administrators. One of the few recent examinations of higher education systems, Higher Education Systems Redesigned offers a theoretical and practical framework for how systems can continually evolve.

Jonathan S. Gagliardi is Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Effectiveness and Innovation at the City University of New York. He is the coeditor (with Amelia Parnell and Julia Carpenter-Hubin) of The Analytics Revolution in Higher Education: Big Data, Organizational Learning, and Student Success. Jason E. Lane is Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Society at Miami University in Ohio, director of The Systems Center, and a senior fellow of the National Association of Systems. He is the coeditor (with D. Bruce Johnstone) of Higher Education Systems 3.0: Harnessing Systems, Delivering Performance and editor of Higher Education Reconsidered: Executing Change to Drive Collective Impact, both also published by SUNY Press.


"The book is a valuable contribution to the field of higher education studies as it records the impressive activity and efforts across campuses, systems, and networks of systems moving us toward increased college attainment. It is also a sobering indicator of how far we have to go." — Planning for Higher Education