Educational Assessment and Evaluation

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Makes a case for the value—and ultimately impact—of seemingly mundane moments in college classrooms.

Higher Education Systems Redesigned

Brings together scholars and higher education system leaders to highlight concrete examples of system change and realignment to advance student success.

Transforming Higher Education in Asia and Africa

Analyzes twelve strategic planning efforts in higher education in eight countries in Asia and Africa.

Higher Education Reconsidered

Focuses on the opportunities and challenges of using the science of change to improve the academic enterprise.

Inside the Undergraduate Teaching Experience

Shows what kind of changes college faculty make to their teaching and why they make them.

School Choice Policies and Outcomes

Provides a clear assessment of all sides of the school choice debate.

Jimmy Carter as Educational Policymaker

Analyzes educational reform in the second half of the twentieth century through the political career of Jimmy Carter and his influence on educational policy.

The First Time Effect

A fresh look at study abroad programs on American college and university campuses.

Student Voice in School Reform

By Dana L. Mitra
Subjects: Education

Examines a high school that sought to increase student participation in its reform process.

Democratic Education Stretched Thin

Argues that the complexity of our pluralistic social world demands an enriched conception of democratic education.

Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment

This book provides the basis for thoughtful reflection and discussion of school accountability by critically examining Kentucky's groundbreaking educational reform strategy of statewide student assessment and teacher accountability.

In Teachers' Hands

This book marks the starting point of a profound shift in assessment priorities, detailing the results of a decade-long program of research on classroom assessment environments. It demonstrates how important ...

The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth

Most evaluations of teacher performance are brief, superficial, pro forma affairs involving a few moments of classroom observation every year or two followed by the completion of required evaluation forms. ...