Transforming Higher Education in Asia and Africa

Strategic Planning and Policy

By Fred M. Hayward

Subjects: Education, Higher Education, Education Policy And Leadership, Comparative Education, Educational Assessment And Evaluation
Series: SUNY series in Global Issues in Higher Education
Paperback : 9781438478463, 292 pages, January 2021
Hardcover : 9781438478456, 292 pages, March 2020

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1. The Critical Role of High-Quality Higher Education for National Development

2. Prelude to Planning in Higher Education

3. Leading Change in Pakistani Higher Education

4. Afghan Higher Education: Change in a War Environment

5. Bringing National Higher Education Transformation to South Africa

6. Three Cases of Institutional Transformation in South Africa

7. Challenges for Higher Education Change in Sierra Leone

8. Fostering Higher Education Change in Uganda

9. Madagascar: Higher Education Change Efforts Thwarted

10. Ghana: Building Transformational Change at the University for Development Studies

11. The University of Malawi: Coalition and Team Building for Effective Change

12. Strategic Planning Challenges at Kabul Polytechnic University

13. Implications for Leadership and Leading Transformational Change in Developing Countries

14. The Nature of Change and Transformation in Higher Education in Developing Countries

Conclusion: What Does This Study Suggest for Higher Education in Underdeveloped and Developing Countries in the Future?

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Analyzes twelve strategic planning efforts in higher education in eight countries in Asia and Africa.


Drawing on over fifty years of on-the-ground experience, Fred M. Hayward's Transforming Higher Education in Asia and Africa analyzes change processes in higher education in eight Asian and African countries. The twelve cases range from the push to upgrade and transform higher education in Afghanistan in the midst of a war, to the successful struggle against apartheid in South African institutions, as well as thwarted efforts in Sierra Leone and Madagascar. Providing both practical lessons learned and hope for communities globally, Hayward demonstrates that higher education change and even transformation, which is more fundamental and structural, can occur even in the most difficult environments. Successful transformation requires well-crafted strategic and budget plans with careful implementation, monitoring, and effective leadership at multiple levels. Yet also critical are a commitment to human development, a desire for freedom and belief in democracy, and recognition that high-quality higher education is essential to national development.

A former professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Fred M. Hayward is a specialist in higher education and comparative politics in the developing world.


"This book provides detailed and informative accounts of system transformation, policymaking, leadership, and development in several developing countries. These areas are largely neglected in the literature. It also provides an account of the value of coordination and planning in developing effective higher education systems and institutions. It is clear that the author has long experience and expertise in the topics and regions addressed. " — Brendan Cantwell, Michigan State University