Comparative Education

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Translating Global Ideas

Explores the varying influence of foreign policy recommendations on education reforms in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

Teaching, Tenure, and Collegiality

Questions universities’ increasing reliance on market-oriented metrics to determine their strategic directions and gauge faculty productivity.

Transforming Higher Education in Asia and Africa

Analyzes twelve strategic planning efforts in higher education in eight countries in Asia and Africa.

Confucianism Reconsidered

Explores the rich potential of Confucianism in American and Chinese classrooms of the twenty-first century.

Teacher and Comrade

By Alan Wieder
Subjects: Education

A biographical/narrative study of oppression, racism, and resistance in twentieth-century South Africa through the life of Richard Dudley, a teacher/politico.

The Structure and Agency of Women's Education

Edited by Mary Ann Maslak
Subjects: Education

Offers research on educational policies, programs, and practices for adolescent girls and young women, from both comparative and international perspectives.

The New Institutionalism in Education

Edited by Heinz-Dieter Meyer & Brian Rowan
Subjects: Education

Gives researchers and policy analysts conceptual tools and empirical assessments to gauge the possibilities for institutional innovation.

Women's Agency and Educational Policy

Highlights the struggles of a group of women from rural Kenya to provide educational opportunities for their children.

Does the Village Still Raise the Child?

Considers the impacts of rapid social, economic, and cultural change on child-rearing and early education in Kenya.

Curriculum Politics, Policy, Practice

Studies the intersections of curriculum politics and policy-making throughout the world.

Educational Knowledge

An examination of educational reform and change throughout the world, focusing on how issues of power and governance within states affect school practice and policy-making.

Teaching About International Conflict and Peace

This book is about international conflict resolution and management.

Education, Empowerment, and Control

Education, Empowerment, and Control is about the education of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel from the establishment of the state of Israel to the present. Using a comparative approach, the study ...

Children's Play in Diverse Cultures

This book illuminates play as a universal and culture-specific activity. It provides needed information about the behavior of children in diverse cultural contexts as well as about the play of children ...

Promising Practices in Teaching Social Responsibility

This book is by, for, and about teachers. It is a showcase for the innovative practices that teachers have found most effective in teaching social responsibility. The authors offer a rare discussion of ...

The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace

This book shows how significant a worldwide constitutional framework can be, both analytically and politically, in efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace. The authors are careful to avoid the pitfalls ...

On the Contrary

Edited by Martha Rainbolt & Janet Fleetwood
Subjects: Education

On The Contrary contains a balance of writings by men and women. The essays are presented in pairs, a man and a woman writing on each topic. This balanced juxtaposition allows students to discuss, think, ...