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Dante and Paul's "Five Words with Understanding"

By Robert Hollander
Subjects: History

Argues there is a program of five-word utterances that imitate fallen language in Dante’s Commedia.

From Divine to Human: Dante's Circle vs. Boccaccio's Parodic Centers

In Boccacio's Decameron, Cervigni sees a parodic echo of the circles of Dante's Divine Comedy, and asks whether Bocaccio envisions the voyage of the brigata as similar to Dante the Pilgrim's journey toward the center, first the abysmal center of Lucifer, then towards the highest center, God.

Reading Objects 2008

Poems, short stories, and other personal reactions to works in the permanent collection of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz.

Horsing Around

Edited by W. Douglas McCombs
Subjects: History

Overview of cast iron hitching posts designed and manufactured in the nineteenth century.

Memory of Touch, For Love of the Other

By Tahseen Bea
Subjects: Literature

Creates contexts for the body to interpret and reinterpret its experiences of touch.

Social Philosophy and Our Changing Points of View

Edited by Steven Scalet
Subjects: Philosophy

Essays on contemporary issues in political philosophy.

Transitions and Consolidation of Democracy in Africa

Examines the transitions to democracy in Africa.

Judy Pfaff

Explores the recent print work of Judy Pfaff, one of America’s leading sculptors, printmakers, installation artists, and set designers.

Paul Cushman

Overview of the life, work, times, and legacy of renowned Albany potter Paul Cushman (1767-1833)

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 4

Fourth volume of biographies of African American women community leaders, focusing this time on Oklahoma.

Indian Ladder

Photographs by John Yang
Subjects: New York/regional

Beautiful landscape photographs of the Helderberg Escaprment in New York State by renowned photographer John Yang.

Dante from Two Perspectives: The Sienese Connection

Addresses the implications of a document found in the Archivio di Stato di Siena which affirms a connection between Farinata degli Uberti, a Florentine conspicuously encountered by Dante the pilgrim in Inferno 10, and the Sienese Ghibellines with whom he and his fellow Florentine Ghibellines joined, in an alliance which produced the Sienese victory at the battle of Montaperti in 1260.

New York State Government, Second Edition

An expanded and updated edition of the 2002 book that has become required reading for policymakers, students, and active citizens.

At the Front Lines of the Welfare System

Examines conversations between welfare workers and their clients to understand the implementation of the 1996 welfare reform.

Progressive Illumination

Remarkable reflection on Cardinal Newman.

Being in the Pampas

Explores the question of being through readings of Parmenides’s Poem, Zeno’s paradoxes, and Plato’s Parmenides.

Companion to Dante's Divine Comedy

An in-depth companion guide to Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Reading Objects 2005

Offers innovative examples of how to approach art from a variety of academic disciplines and personal perspectives.

Don Nice

Paintings by contemporary American realist Don Nice, with emphasis on recent works relating to the Hudson Valley.

The Gift of Self

Explores themes of dispossession, shattering, and fragmentation that arise in contemporary writings from the point of view of the selves whose subjectivities and practices are said to be fragmented, shattered, and dispossessed.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 3

Third volume of biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception, Volume III

A futuristic examination of metaphysical systems, responsibility, understanding, conceit, continuums, and history’s vector.

Movement and Meaning in the Divine Comedy: Toward an Understanding of Dante's Processional Poetics

Argues that the analysis of movement and its correlative procession in the Divine Comedy is fundamental to an understanding of how Dante generates meaning in his poetic text.

Probing in Islamic Philosophy

Analyzes major Muslim philosophers.

Rimer Cardillo

The first comprehensive survey of the work of the Uruguayan printmaker and graphic artist Rimer Cardillo, presented in both English and Spanish.

"Veil of Māyā, The"

Explores the interpretive problems, complexities, and legacies of Schopenhauer’s encounter with ancient India.

Africa Through Ghanaian Lenses

Edited by Samuel E. Quainoo
Subjects: Area Studies

A collection of lectures delivered during the Fulbright Hays Scholar program in Ghana.

Petrarch's Itinerarium

Edited and translated by H. James Shey
Introduction by H. James Shey
Subjects: Literature

A new edition of the Latin text of Petrarch’s Itinerarium.

Dante and the Jewish Question

Addresses Jacoff’s own discomfort with Dante’s reiteration of the deicide charge against the Jews in Paradiso 7 and elsewhere.

Being and Thought in Aquinas

Papers from Binghamton University's Conferences on Medieval Latin Philosophy, 1995-2000, on St. Thomas Aquinas' oeuvre. The essays examine his sources within the Neoplatonic and Islamicist traditions, ...


Features the works of nine photographers and video artists on the cutting edge of the Cuban art scene.

Bolton Coit Brown

Explores the career of one of America’s most noted printmakers and seminal role he played in bringing the arts to Woodstock, New York.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 2

Second volume of biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

Bhakti Karuna Agepe with Raimundo Panikkar

A collection of essays on the nature of love in religious tradition and theory, inspired by Raimundo Panikkar's ecumenical embrace of Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Humanity and the Cosmos

Essays on the interaction between science and spiritual values which characterize much of modern life.

Richard Callner

Career retrospective of modernist Albany painter Richard Callner.

The Crusades

Edited by Khalil I. Semaan
Subjects: History

Examines the effects of the Crusades from a variety of perspectives.

Reading Objects 2002

Explores the numerous perspectives from which works of art can be experienced and understood.

Funding Public Colleges and Universities for Performance

By Joseph C. Burke
Subjects: Education

Looks at the progress, popularity, and problems related to states linking funding of public colleges and universities to performance.

New York State Government

An up-to-date description of the institutions and activities of New York State government.

Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice

An interdisciplinary reader exploring issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

It Takes a Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Preservation Initiative, a comprehensive community building program in ten neighborhoods from nine mostly mid-sized cities, is examined in It Takes a Neighborhood. Wright shows what was ...

The Continuing Agony

Reflections from Jews and Roman Catholics on their struggles with the crucial and painful issues that continue to plague Christian-Jewish dialogue.

The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception, Volume I

Addresses perceived irresolvable paradoxes regarding reality as presented by a number of philosophers.

Justice for All

Edited by Steven Scalet
Subjects: Politics And Law

Collection of essays adapted from an undergraduate honors conference held at Binghamton University which address contemporary issues in political philosophy.

Rabbinic Judaism's Generative Logic, Volume One

First volume documenting Rabbinic Judaism in its formative age.

Immagini E Rappresentazione

Edited by Francesca Calabi
Subjects: Jewish Studies

Essays on images and representation in the writings of Philo of Alexandria.

Thinking Outside the Box

Edited by Douglas W. Shrader
Subjects: Philosophy

Select essays, originally presented at the Sixth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, held in 2001 at SUNY Oneonta.

Rabbinic Judaism's Generative Logic, Volume Two

Second volume documenting Rabbinic Judaism in its formative age.

Zarathustra's Love Beyond Wisdom

A study of Nietzche’s Zarathustra.

The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception, Volume II

Addresses perceived irresolvable paradoxes regarding reality as presented by a number of philosophers.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 1

Biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

Faith, Truth, and Freedom

Examines the expulsion of Professor Gerd Lüdemann from the Theology Faculty at the University of Göttingen.

Religions and Cultures

Synthesis of Mediterraneum’s first seminar.

Robert Morris

Drawings by one of the twentieth century’s most intellectually challenging artists.

Quicker, Better, Cheaper?

Scholars and practitioners explore American government performance management offering diverse views.

With My Profound Reverence for the Victims

Lithographs by American painter George Bellows, depicting the horrors and atrocities of World War I.

Marvin Fox: Collected Essays on Philosophy and on Judaism, Vol. 3

Edited by Jacob Neusner
Subjects: Jewish Studies

A selection of his more important writings.

The 2001 Mathers Lecture 2001 Rosen Lecture, and Other Queen's University Essays in the Study of Judaism

Edited by Jacob Neusner
Contributions by Donald H. Akenson, Herbert Basser, and Reena Basser
Subjects: Jewish Studies

A collection of lectures given at Queen’s University by academics in Judaic Studies.

Chinese Through Song

An innovative approach to language acquisition using Chinese folk and popular songs.

Marvin Fox: Collected Essays on Philosophy and on Judaism, Vol. 2

Edited by Jacob Neusner
Subjects: Jewish Studies

A selection of his more important writings.

A Conceptual Commentary on Midrash Leviticus Rabbah

Examines each rabbinic text or sequence of homilies in order to uncover specific value concepts which are reflected in them either explicitly or implicitly.

Particularism and Universalism in Modern Jewish Thought

Explores how modern Judaism has balanced between universalism and particularism.

Philosophy and the Public Realm

Edited by Douglas W. Shrader
Subjects: Philosophy

Combines the work of promising college students with essays by distinguished scholars.

Understanding Jewish Theology

Edited by Jacob Neusner
Subjects: Jewish Studies

Explores the religious experience of Judaism through the perceptions and teachings of ordinary Jews and the creative elite.

A Conceptual Approach to the Mekilta

Describes the actual mode of thought of the Rabbis of the Midrash and the Talmud, and indicates how they derived their own moral teachings from the Bible.

His Brother's Keeper

By Paul Milkman
Foreword by Jacob Neusner
Subjects: Jewish Studies

Tells the story of young people’s volunteer efforts as part of the American Jewish Society for Service.

Contemporary Views of Ancient Judaism

Compiles some longer review essays and somewhat briefer reviews of single titles from his collected work of the 1990s.

The Rabbinic Mind

Explores the wider aspects of the rabbinic mind.

Worship and Ethics

Describes how Halakah, or Jewish Law, enables the individual to achieve religious experience.

The Incarnation of God

Examines the notion of divine incarnations as a central element of the portrait of God that came into focus through the Judaism of the dual Torah.

Theological Reflections on the Problem of Usury

An Arabic-language treatise on usury from a theological and philosophical perspective.

Shiʿite Heritage

Edited and translated by L. Clarke
Subjects: Religion And Spirituality

Explores Western and Muslim scholarship on multiple aspects of the Twelver Shi’ite tradition.

Cosmos as Art Object

Explores various aspects of Plato’s cosmological writings.

Memoirs of the Future

Explores the life and work of W. Warren Wagar.

The Book of Jewish Wisdom

Presents parts of the Judaic tradition of wisdom, concentrating on the oral part of the Torah, represented by the documents of law and scriptural exegesis.

Marvin Fox: Collected Essays on Philosophy and on Judaism, Vol. 1

Edited by Jacob Neusner
Subjects: Jewish Studies

A selection of his more important writings.

The Theology of Seder Eliahu

Attempts to discover a coherent unity in rabbinic theology.

Higher Education in Crisis

Explores the university’s altering landscape, the conflicts over its core values and legitimacy, and the challenge for the university to negotiate the new landscape and to redefine itself within a larger educational context.

Zayas and Her Sisters, 2

A collection of essays on the novelist María de Zayas and other seventeenth century Spanish women writers.

Avenues Towards Christianity

Argues that the religious movement of Mormonism branched off from mainstream Calvinist Christianity in a slow and deliberate process.

The Earthly Paradise

Explores the history of how the Eden story in Genesis has been understood.

Dante Between Philosophers and Theologians: Paradiso X - XIII

Raises the radical question of how Dante’s understanding of poetry shaped his theology, his ethics, and, more generally his sense of the organization of knowledge or encyclopedia.

Writing Without Footnotes: The Role of the Medievalist in Contemporary Intellectual Life

Argues that academics’ intellectual engagement with a public beyond the walls of their own specialties, and even beyond the walls of the academy, was long a commonplace and significant part of the work of professors and writers in the humanities.

Organic Thinking

Thorough analysis of rabbinic thought.

The Genius of Christ

By Abbas Mahmud al-Aqqad
Edited and translated by F. Peter Ford Jr.
Introduction by F. Peter Ford Jr.
Subjects: Religion And Spirituality

Translation of an Arabic work extolling the person and mission of Jesus.

Islamic Legends Concerning Alexander the Great

Edited and translated by Z. David Zuwiyya
Introduction by Z. David Zuwiyya
Subjects: Literature

English translation and introductory study of a previously unedited Hispano-Arabic legend of Alexander the Great.

Totems for Defence and Illustration of Taboo: Sites of Petrarchism in Renaissance Europe

Argues that critical comments appended to early printed editions of Petrarch’s Rime sparse inflected the reception and understanding of Petrarch’s vernacular poetry in Renaissance Europe.

So You Want to Be In Government?

A guide for appointed officials in American government.

Managing Welfare Reform in Five States

Edited by Sarah F. Liebschutz
Subjects: Public Policy

Analyzes the responses of five states—Florida, Mississippi, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin—to the challenges of implementing welfare reform.

Social Science in Government

A new, substantially updated, and expanded version of a classic work on how to evaluate public policy published over a decade ago.

Learning from Leaders

Edited by Carol S. Weissert
Subjects: Public Policy

Discusses welfare reform in Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Evaluating Comprehensive State Welfare Reform

Discusses issues involved in evaluating the new reforms, and applies those issues to the evaluation of welfare reform in Wisconsin.