SUNY series in Public Administration

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The Social Construction of Public Administration

Challenges the limitations of modern public administration theories.

Civil Service Reform in the States

Assesses recent civil service reforms undertaken by state governments.

Institutional Constraints and Policy Choice

Demonstrates how governmental structure and institutional rules determine who gets what in American cities.

Teaching Ethics and Values in Public Administration Programs

Provides fresh perspectives on the teaching of ethics and values in public affairs, administration, and business in America's schools of higher education.

Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves

Viewing the public as owners rather than customers of government, this book argues that better performance by public agencies requires active and responsible citizens as well as efficient organizations.

Bargaining Under Federalism

This book examines bargaining in the federal system from the perspective of a single state, New York. The central theme is mutual dependence under federalism, a dynamic relationship between states and ...

Practical Government Budgeting

This book provides descriptions, instructions, and exercises to help readers master government budgeting as it is actually practiced. University courses and training programs serving present and future ...

After Divestiture

This book analyzes the politics of state regulatory decision-making in telecommunications after the AT&T divestiture in 1984. The author takes a political-economy approach that explains how interest groups ...

Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community

This book argues that the "authoritarian" depiction of Frederick Taylor trivializes his important contribution. Schachter's analysis of Taylor's work shows that he actually originated many of the human ...

The Political Economy of Regulation

This is the first comprehensive study of the history, politics, and economics of the insurance industry in the United States. It is designed as a theoretical challenge to the conventional wisdom in political ...

New Directions in Budget Theory

This collection is the first book-length work in many years to provide new theoretical direction to budget theory. Written by several of the most respected people in budgeting, including Allen Schick, ...

The Politics of State and City Administration

In The Politics of State and City Administration, Abney and Lauth take a penetrating look at the relationships of state and city administrators to the people with whom they work: legislators, councilors, ...

Legislating Bureaucratic Change

Legislating Bureaucratic Change is an in-depth analysis of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. This legislation, hailed by many as the major domestic achievement of the Carter presidency, was a far-reaching ...

A Workbook in Program Design for Public Managers

This is the first practical, step-by-step guide to a key management technique—the design of efficient, cost-effective programs. With social programs succumbing to the pressures of budgetary cutbacks ...