Cultural Studies

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Explores the ways that stereotypes of heterosexuality are portrayed and constructed in film.

Performing Whiteness

Explores how whiteness is culturally constructed in American films.

Athletic Intruders

Explores women's place in sport and exercise from a socioculture perspective.

Thinking the Limits of the Body

Shows the inseparability of textuality, materiality, and history in discussions of the body.

High Culture

Addresses the place of addiction in modern art, literature, philosophy, and psychology, including its effects on the works of such thinkers and writers as Heidegger, Nietzsche, DeQuincey, Breton, and Burroughs.

Order and Agency in Modernity

Addresses the relationship between modernity and social theory by looking at the works of Parsons, Goffman, and Garfinkel.

Narrative after Deconstruction

Develops a rigorous theory of narrative as apost-deconstructive model for interpretation.

Feminism, Foucault, and Embodied Subjectivity

Argues that Foucault's work employs a conception of subjectivity that is well-suited for feminist theory and politics.

Feast and Folly

Treats French cuisine as a "fine art," offering both historical background as well as a deep analysis of the social, political, and aesthetic aspects of cuisine and taste.

Rethinking the Frankfurt School

By exploring the work of the Frankfurt school today, this book helps to define the very field of cultural studies.

Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice

An interdisciplinary reader exploring issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

The Best Olympics Ever?

Uses the Sydney Olympics as a prism through which to explore recent Olympic scandals, media coverage, reform efforts, and controversies.

Reading Seminar XX

Examines Lacan's key seminar on sexual difference, knowledge, desire, and love.

The Challenges of Ivan Illich

Original essays explore the thought and influence of philosopher, educator, social critic, and theologian Ivan Illich.

Emancipatory Movements in Composition

Examines liberatory learning practices in the contemporary composition classroom.

Beyond Dichotomies

Confronts the cultural challenges of globalization.

After the Orgy

Explores the post-Enlightenment obsession with apocalyptic endings.


Shows how our cultural misconceptions about the body distort its capacities and lead to personal and social ills.

Corporeal Generosity

Challenges the accepted model, and builds a politically sensitive notion of generosity.

Signs of Struggle

Focuses on signifiers of cultural difference, such as sexuality, class, gender, and race, and how they are connected to theories of writing.

Productive Postmodernism

Investigates a broad range of contemporary fiction, film, and architecture to address the role of history in postmodern cultural productions.

Shakespeare in the Cinema

A comprehensive look at film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.

Dead Ringers

Addresses the important role of remakes in film culture, from early cinema to contemporary Hollywood.

Colonialism Past and Present

Critiques lingering manifestations of colonialism in contemporary Latin American scholarship.