Cultural Studies

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Become Who You Are

Two texts—one novella and one essay—that exemplify Dohm’s passionate arguments for gender equality.

Roll Over Adorno

Moves from Beethoven to Buffy to examine the blurred nexus of elite and popular culture in the twenty-first century.

Nietzsche and Embodiment

Examines the significance of Nietzsche’s writings for contemporary debates about embodiment.

Empire and Poetic Voice

Explores the relation of post-colonization authors to literary traditions.

On Jameson

Edited by Caren Irr & Ian Buchanan
Subjects: Cultural Studies

Offers an interrogation of Jameson's critical legacy.

Deconstructing Sport History

Presents a broad spectrum of critical approaches that question traditional sport history.

AIDS and American Apocalypticism

Looks at how both anti-gay and AIDS activists use apocalyptic language to describe the AIDS crisis.

Speaking the Lower Frequencies

Shows how using texts from popular culture in the classroom can help young people to become critical consumers of media without losing the pleasure they derive from it.

Sites of Autopsy in Contemporary Culture

Explores the role and function of the autopsy in Western culture, from Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lecture to The X-Files and CSI.

Murder on Trial

A historical romp through the fascinating subject of murder jurisprudence in the United States from the colonial period to the present, showing how changing social mores have influenced the application of murder law.

Calling Cards

Explores personal and professional issues in the study of race, gender, and culture.

Postcolonial Whiteness

Edited by Alfred J. Lopez
Subjects: Cultural Studies

Explores the undertheorized convergence of postcoloniality and whiteness.

Reinhabiting Reality

Argues that the environmental crisis is symptomatic of much deeper crises in modern civilization.

Female Infanticide in India

Examines female infanticide in colonial and postcolonial India.

Radical Relevance

Exemplifies the struggles of scholars to work toward a more shared agenda for social change.

Post-Marxist Theory

An introduction to the philosophical, economic, historical, feminist, and cultural versions of post-Marxist theory.

African Fiction and Joseph Conrad

Interrogates the "writing back to the center" approach to intertextuality and explores alternatives to it.


Uses literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis to explore the emerging logic of the posthuman.

Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English

Examines novels and short stories by Muslim authors who write in English.

Redreaming America

Pursues an inquiry into the cultural and linguistic dissonances that Spanish creates in the United States.

Theatres of Human Sacrifice

Provides insight into the ritual lures and effects of mass media spectatorship, especially regarding the pleasures, risks, and purposes of violent display.

Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture

Explores postcolonial discourse from the standpoint of feminism and writers in minority languages.

Reading Oprah

An analysis of how Oprah's Book Club has changed America's reading habits.

Amending the Abject Body

Examines the implications and meanings of the makeover and aesthetic surgery industry in American popular culture.