Cultural Studies

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Medusa's Ear

By Dawne McCance
Subjects: Philosophy

Reads modern philosophy (and the university) as rooted in an audiocentric fantasy.

Occasional Deconstructions

Argues that deconstruction is not a critical methodology or theory but that which makes any act of good reading possible.

From Motherhood to Mothering

Explores how Rich's work has influenced feminist scholarship on motherhood.

Julia Kristeva

A comprehensive examination of Kristeva's work from the seventies to the nineties.

Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity

Explores the political and economic causes and consequences of homelessness.

Humoring Resistance

Analyzes the explosive connections among strategic uses of humor, women's bodies, and resistance in fiction by Latin American women writers.

Fanning the Flames

A fascinating look at fans of a variety of popular culture phenomena in Japan.

Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish

Documents the influence of Jewish music on American popular song.

Film Voices

Interviews with prominent filmmakers, actors, and others on the art, craft, and business of moviemaking.

Celluloid Couches, Cinematic Clients

Looks at how therapy and the "talking cure" have been portrayed in the movies.

A Geography of Hard Times

Unravels the rich complexities of the colonial travel experience.

Identity Matters

Blends memoir and scholarship to provide a moving and sometimes unsettling look at how academic discourse affects the cultural values and identities that students bring into the writing classroom.

Ethnography Unbound

Problematizes traditional ethnographic research methods, offering instead self-reflexive critical practices.

Mapping the Victorian Social Body

Explores how medical and social maps helped shape modern perceptions of space.

Edward Said at the Limits

Shows the full breadth and scope of Edward Said's work and of his role as a public intellectual.

Historicizing Theory

Edited by Peter C. Herman
Subjects: Cultural Studies

Examines deconstruction, New Historicism, postcolonialism, and other contemporary theoretical movements in their historical contexts.

The End of Dissatisfaction?

Explains why the American cultural obsession with enjoying ourselves actually makes it more difficult to do so.

Landscapes of Abandonment

Examines the relationship of modern life, including modern capitalism, to feelings and phenomena of abandonment.

Galileo's Pendulum

Examines the history of science in light of recent theories of sexuality and the body.


Examines this forceful emotion from philosophical, literary, and art historical perspectives.

Between Femininities

An investigation into the complex processes of "becoming a girl."

Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film

Explores how filmmakers and screenwriters have used comedy and science fiction to extend the boundaries of the Frankenstein narrative.

Scenes of the Apple

Examines the rich and multiple meanings of food in women's writing.

Celluloid Nationalism and Other Melodramas

Explores issues of representation and rebellion in Mexican and Mexican American cinema.