American History

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Black Soldiers of New York State

Concise history of the valiant service of New York’s African American soldiers.

Fort Stanwix National Monument

By Joan M. Zenzen
Subjects: History

A history of the reconstruction of Fort Stanwix, New York, by the National Park Service.

The Italian American Experience in New Haven

A compelling social history of a vibrant immigrant community, told through interviews and photographs.

Decadent Culture in the United States

The paradoxes of the American decadent movement in the 1890s and 1920s.

Race, Class, and the Death Penalty

Examines both the legal and illegal uses of the death penalty in American history.

Carnegie's Model Republic

By A. S. Eisenstadt
Subjects: History

Examines Carnegie’s book Triumphant Democracy and his efforts to promote closer ties between America and Britain.

Mayor Corning

By Paul Grondahl
Subjects: History

Grondahl’s classic biography of Albany’s “mayor for life,” now available in paperback.

Executing the Constitution

Draws attention to how American presidents have creatively interpreted the Constitution to expand the power of the executive branch.

Awakening Warrior

Explores moral progress in the American military.

New York's Historic Armories

By Nancy L. Todd
Subjects: History

Chronicles the evolution of the armory as a specific building type in American architectural and military history, and the role these buildings played in the history of America’s volunteer militia.

JFK, LBJ, and the Democratic Party

A comprehensive account of JFK’s and LBJ’s leadership of the Democratic Party in the 1960s.

The Other New York

Essays exploring rural New York during the American Revolution.

Hospital Transports

Edited by Laura L. Behling
Introduction by Laura L. Behling
Subjects: Sociology

Details the reactions of men and women serving aboard a hospital transport ship during the American Civil War.

Defining NASA

By W. D. Kay
Subjects: Public Policy

Examines the politics behind the funding of NASA.

The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy

Examines how public opinion has influenced health care policy.

Life in the White House

Edited by Robert P. Watson
Subjects: Politics And Law

Interdisciplinary essays on the White House and the lives of first families.

The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History

Explores how a pivotal event in U.S. history—the killing of nearly 300 Shoshoni men, women, and children in 1863—has been contested, forgotten, and remembered.

From Great Wilderness to Seaway Towns

Comprehensive study of two towns on either side of the U. S.-Canadian border.


Paints a detailed picture of everyday life in an early American community.

Subdued by the Sword

By James M. Greiner
Subjects: History

Presents the life of Captain John S. Kidder during the Civil War, as told through letters to his wife, Harriet, at home in rural New York.

Deciding to Leave

The first sustained examination of the process by which justices elect to leave the United States Supreme Court.

Calling Down Fire

Explores how the agrarian setting of Jefferson County, New York, influenced the revival methods of Charles Grandison Finney, with implications for the study of revivalism more generally.

Islam in Black America

Explores modern African-American Islamic thought within the context of Islamic history, giving special attention to questions of universality versus particularity.

The Political Party Matrix

Argues that the political party remains an institution whose primary purpose is to allow elites to coordinate their activities in the political area.