African American Studies

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The American Optic

Brings together critical race theory and psychoanalysis to examine African American and other diasporic African cultural texts.

Anachronism and Its Others

Traces the origins of contemporary analogies between queerness and blackness.

African Americans Doing Feminism

African American women and men share their stories of how feminism has influenced their daily lives.

Interdisciplinarity and Social Justice

Considers the past, present, and future of interdisciplinary fields motivated by concerns for social justice.

Representing Segregation

Examines racial segregation in literature and the cultural legacy of the Jim Crow era.

Caribbean Genesis

Philosophical exploration of Jamaica Kincaid’s entire literary oeuvre.

But One Race

Biography of famous black abolitionist and voting rights advocate, Robert Purvis.

Speaking Lives, Authoring Texts

Critical edition of three women’s oral slave narratives.

African Americans and Community Engagement in Higher Education

Looks at town-gown relationships with a focus on African Americans.

Womanist Forefathers

Traces a lineage of pro-feminist black men to two early radical proponents of female equality.

The Suffering Will Not Be Televised

Explores how the suffering of African American women has been minimized and obscured in U.S. culture.

The Specter of Sex

Genealogy of the formation of race and gender hierarchies in the U.S.

Feel These Words

By Susan Weinstein
Subjects: Education

An in-depth look at the creative writing practices of nine Chicago youths.

The Emotions of a New Era

DVD capturing crowd reactions and emotions during the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009, in Washington, D. C.

Digital Diaspora

Traces the rise of black participation in cyberspace.

Black Soldiers of New York State

Concise history of the valiant service of New York’s African American soldiers.

Go, Tell Michelle

Treasury of letters written by African American women to Michelle Obama.

Locating Race

Pinpoints the limits of many current globalization theories in challenging racial oppression, and argues instead for local and situated strategies for resisting racism and imperialism.

Race, Class, and the Death Penalty

Examines both the legal and illegal uses of the death penalty in American history.

Race and Police Brutality

Disputes standard explanations of police brutality against minority citizens to offer new insights and suggestions on dealing with this problem.

Ain't I a Feminist?

Interview-based study of contemporary African American feminist men.

What's Wrong with Obamamania?

Juxtaposes the meteoric rise of Barack Obama with far-reaching—and disturbing—shifts in black leadership in post–Civil Rights America.

Unmaking Race, Remaking Soul

Explores the theme of aesthetic agency and its potential for social and political progress.

A Diary of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The story of one African American woman’s decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions

Explores the particulars of minority-serving institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness.