African American Studies

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Black Male Outsider

One man’s account of becoming a feminist professor.

Irish and African American Cinema

How these two cinemas portray complex and changing notions of national and racial identity.

The American Protest Essay and National Belonging

By Brian Norman
Subjects: Literature

Explores the role of the literary protest essay in addressing social divisions in the United States.

The Transformation of Plantation Politics

Examines the political and economic changes of recent decades in the Mississippi Delta.

Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance

Leading scholars explore how different forms of ignorance are produced and sustained, and the role they play in knowledge practices.

On Spiritual Strivings

Offers both a theoretical and concrete example of what W. E. B. Du Bois called “spiritual strivings. ”

Strengthening the African American Educational Pipeline

One of the most comprehensive books examining the experiences of African Americans throughout the educational enterprise.

Cultural Sites of Critical Insight

Explores the interplay between artistic values and social, political, and moral concerns in writings by African American and Native American women.

Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire

Classic history of Ancient Ethiopia, as researched and written by a heralded African American woman activist.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 4

Fourth volume of biographies of African American women community leaders, focusing this time on Oklahoma.

Critical Affinities

Explores convergences between the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche and African American thought.

Battered Black Women and Welfare Reform

Examines the consequences of welfare reform for Black women fleeing domestic violence.

Black Feminist Voices in Politics

Studies black feminist approaches to political science and African American women as political actors.

Jazz After Dinner

Poems of celebration and endurance.

Linking the Americas

Provides a comparative look at women's texts across the Americas.

Speaking Power

Analyzes Black women’s rhetorical strategies in both autobiographical and fictional narratives of slavery.

Politics in the New South

Documents political advances made by African Americans in the South over the last twenty-five years.

From Center to Margins

Considers perspectives from a diverse group of women educational researchers of color who center their discussion within the margins rather than from the center.

Scripting the Black Masculine Body

Traces the origins of Black body politics in the United States and its contemporary manifestations in hip-hop music and film.

Desegregating the City

Multidisciplinary perspectives on segregation in the United States and other developed countries.

The New Abolitionists

Edited by Joy James
Introduction by Joy James
Subjects: History
Series: SUNY series, Philosophy and Race

Writings by twentieth-century imprisoned authors examining confinement, enslavement, and political organizing in prison.

The Cost of Being Poor

Looks at the daily lives of poor people to demonstrate that the poor pay more than others, by both monetary and other measures, to meet basic needs.

Entrepreneurship and Self-Help among Black Americans

This long-awaited revision of a classic work traces the unique development of business enterprises and other community organizations among black Americans from before the Civil War to the present.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 3

Third volume of biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

African Americans and College Choice

Assesses the influence of family and school on African American students' college decision-making processes.