Women's Studies

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Fit to Teach

Examines the construction of gender in public school employment.

Through the Reading Glass

Argues that women's relationship to books and their promotion of reading contributed greatly to the cultural and intellectual vitality of the Enlightenment.

The Language of the Eyes

Recovers a dynamic women’s tradition of vision and sexuality, challenging Darwinian and Freudian accounts of women as nonvisual sexual agents.

Linking the Americas

Provides a comparative look at women's texts across the Americas.

Jamaica Kincaid

Offers a new perspective on the psychological and affective dynamics of Jamaica Kincaid’s fiction and nonfiction.

Women's Space

Art historical and literary perspectives on the place of women in the medieval church.

The Birth of the Khalsa

A feminist reconsideration of Sikh identity, discussing its original egalitarianism and current hypermasculine quality, which is harmful to both men and women.

Women and Children First

A critique of public policy rhetoric from multiple feminist perspectives.

Feminist Sport Studies

Uses personal narratives to highlight the development of feminist sport studies.

Citizen Teacher

The first book-length biography of Margaret Haley (1861–1939) focuses on her political vision, her activities as a public school activist, and her life as a charismatic woman leader.

Arab Women Writers

Edited and translated by Dalya Cohen-Mor
Introduction by Dalya Cohen-Mor
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality
Series: SUNY series, Women Writers in Translation

A collection of sixty short stories by women writers from across the Arab world.

The Violent Woman

Looks at how violent women characters disrupt cinematic narrative and challenge cultural ideals.

Women on the Verge of Home

Edited by Bilinda Straight
Foreword by Ruth Behar
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

Interrogates the comfortable and stable contours of "home," asking what it means to women in different social, class, sexual, ethnic, and racial contexts in different times and places.

Exquisite Rebel

Brings the writings of de Cleyre out of undeserved obscurity.

Female Infanticide in India

Examines female infanticide in colonial and postcolonial India.

When the Music Stopped

A son’s coming to terms with his mother’s decision to abandon her career as a concert pianist in order to raise her children.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 3

Third volume of biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

Sappho in the Holy Land

Essays on the experience of lesbians in contemporary Israeli society.

Radical Feminism, Writing, and Critical Agency

Links radical feminist writings of the 1960s and 1970s to contemporary online women's networks.

Latin American Women On/In Stages

Compares plays by Latin American women dramatists born after 1945.

Amending the Abject Body

Examines the implications and meanings of the makeover and aesthetic surgery industry in American popular culture.

From Motherhood to Mothering

Explores how Rich's work has influenced feminist scholarship on motherhood.

Buddhist Women and Social Justice

Looks at Buddhist women's activism for social change from the time of Buddha to the present day.

The Position of Women in Islam

Argues that Islamic law does not accord a lesser status to women and elaborates Muslim women's rights in a variety of areas.

Girls' Violence

A critical look at the perceived increase in girls' violence from a range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives.

Shut Out

Documents the economic, educational, and existential struggles that single mothers in poverty confront in the current welfare climate.

Heads above Water

An in-depth exploration of women's lives after a natural disaster.

Risking Difference

Looks at the dynamics of identification, envy, and idealization in fictional narratives by Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Sandra Cisneros, Toni Morrison, and others, as well as in nonfictional accounts of cross-race relations by white feminists and feminists of color.

The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History

Explores how a pivotal event in U.S. history—the killing of nearly 300 Shoshoni men, women, and children in 1863—has been contested, forgotten, and remembered.

Toni Morrison and Motherhood

Traces Morrison's theory of African American mothering as it is articulated in her novels, essays, speeches, and interviews.

Beyond the Margins

Incorporates memoir in the context of philosophical and political theory and argument.

Joining the Sisterhood

Essays and poems that offer insight into what it means to be a young Jewish woman today.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 2

Second volume of biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

Mill Girls and Strangers

A comparative history of single women's independent migration to the textile cities of Preston, England; Lowell, Massachusetts; and Paisley, Scotland.

Democracy Growing Up

The first sustained feminist interpretation of Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America.

Two Paths to Equality

A comprehensive look at the ERA debates of the 1920s.

Tenure in the Sacred Grove

A treasure trove of information for women and minorities in the academy who are beginning their quest for tenure.

Uncrowned Queens, Volume 1

Biographies of African American women community leaders in New York state.

Looking Beyond the Mask

Interviews with women in cross-cultural marriages, offering a unique insight into Japanese life.

A Group of Their Own

A fascinating story of the first generations of women who went to college to learn to be writers and then launched their careers writing poetry and prose.

The Promised Land?

Analyzes East German feminism for an American audience through an exploration of their women writers.

What Men Owe to Women

Men from a wide range of traditions discuss gender justice in world religions.

Women, Patronage, and Self-Representation in Islamic Societies

A rare look at female empowerment in the Muslim world.

Cultures of Opposition

Looks at the forging of a new Jewish political culture at the turn of the century.

The Personal and the Political

An in-depth consideration of women's activism in the AIDS and breast cancer movements.

Dreaming the Actual

This anthology of contemporary fiction and poetry by Israeli women writers includes works originally written in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.

Paradise Farm

Set in 1929, before the Crash, Paradise Farm probes the disintegration and rebirth of a wealthy Jewish family at a time when the New York art world was in ferment, women's roles were changing, the psychoanalytic movement was burgeoning--and Hitler's menace was recognized only by a prescient few.

This Is No Place for a Woman

By Joya Uraizee
Subjects: Area Studies

Surveys the works of three important female writers of postcolonial societies.

Beyond Sensation

This is the first book to address the entire career of this key Victorian author.

Other Sexes

Explores alternatives to the gender binary in twentieth-century women's fiction.

Women Breaking Boundaries

Through memoir, interviews, and historical overview, chronicles the evolution in the U. S. of the Grail—an organization of Catholic lay women dedicated to restoring the Christian spirit to all aspects of life.

Mother's Taxi

A detailed look at how domestic labor and childcare done by women provides the space for others to participate in sport, contributing directly to individual sporting careers and generally servicing sport as an institution.

Delirium and Destiny

Written by one of twentieth-century Spain's most prominent intellectuals, this book--part memoir, part lyrical novel--is both a Bildungsroman about a young woman's intellectual formation during a crucial period of Spanish history (1929-1931) and a philosophical meditation upon the individual's place in society.

Secret Journeys

Examines the subversive and constructive narrative of female journey in American literature, from the seventeenth century to the present.

Onna Rashiku (Like A Woman)

This original interdisciplinary book combines autobiographical reflections with a scholarly analysis of a diary the author kept while learning Japanese in Hiroshima.

Afrikan Mothers

Tells the story of some Afrikan mothers who, under European domination with the United States and the United Kingdom, have struggled to survive and maintain their (and their children's) cultural identities within European-oriented societies.

Women in Transition

Edited by Suzanne LaFont
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

Written by leading women scholars, this first and only book published about Lithuanian women details the historical, social, economic, and political issues affecting women during the transition from communism to democracy.

Lubavitcher Women in America

Offers a rare look at the world of Hasidic women activists in the years since World War II, and how they have challenged the rise of American feminism.

Triangulated Visions

This broad-ranging collection, the first of its kind, gathers essays on the representation of women in recent German cinema, as well as recent interviews with German women filmmakers.

A Woman Wanders Through Life and Science

Irena Koprowska's autobiography illuminates the struggles of a young immigrant woman to combine family responsibilities and a demanding medical career.

Without a Woman to Read

A philosophical questioning of reading and writing that focuses on metaphors of women and women's roles in our cultural and intellectual heritage.

Hegel and Feminist Social Criticism

This book draws mutually enlightening parallels between controversial themes in contemporary feminist thought and Hegel's political philosophy. Jeffrey A. Gauthier argues that feminism can gainfully employ ...

Between East and West

Considers how Lessing's exposure to a particular aspect of tasawwuf, the classical Sufi Way, has shaped her work. Impresses upon the reader the degree to which Lessing is seriously offering her space-fiction utopias as plausible and even necessary alternatives to our present Western ways of life.


Madeleva was a close friend of C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, Jacques Maritain, and Clare Booth Luce. This book paints a picture of daily life in communities of religious women and explores the inner life of a passionately spiritual woman who was known as an advocate for women in the church as well as a scholar, poet, and essayist.

Devils, Women, and Jews

Analyzes and illustrates the demonization of women and Jews in medieval sermon stories, retelling over one hundred of these tales in modern English.

Un/Popular Culture

Offers a lucidly written analysis of the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory.

Bodily Discursions

This collection of feminist essays from a variety of disciplines explores the idea of the body as a site for the production of political ideologies.

The Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir

Challenges Beauvoir's self-portrait and argues that she was a philosopher in her own right.

Sisters in Solitude

Provides the first English translation of the Tibetan and Chinese texts on monastic discipline for Buddhist nuns and presents a comparative study of the two texts. An important contribution for studies of women’s history, feminist philosophy, women’s studies, women in religion, and feminist ethics.

Women and Minorities in American Professions

Asks how and with what measure of success women and minorities fare in comparison with white males in American professions.

Women in Medical Education

Edited by Delese Wear
Foreword by Francis K. Conley
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

An anthology of personal narratives reflecting the issues confronting women in the medical academy today, including sexual harassment, equity issues, and maternity leave policies.

Women Writing Culture

This collection of six interviews with internationally known scholars explores feminism, rhetoric, writing, and multiculturalism.

A Circle of Empowerment

This book presents a feminist perspective on educational leadership, and demonstrates that women conceptualize leadership differently than men.

Plenishment in the Earth

This book is an ethic of inclusion leading from gender and sexual difference through the social world of race and culture to the natural world.

Literature, Nature, and Other

Postmodern theory at its best--a call for an ecofeminist dialogical method of reading literature and nature.

Hidden in the Home

This book combines a case study of industrial homework in the electronics industry with a world-systems approach to understanding the role of home-based work in economic development. It spans the period ...

A Walking Fire

"Here comes a walking fire," the Fool says to Lear as he sees Gloucester walking across a heath carrying a torch. This novel opens in fall, 1988, as Cora, an anti-war activist, returns to the U.S. from ...

The Center of the Web

Edited by Delese Wear
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

The Center of the Web examines the complexities of how solitude is perceived by women. Each contributor describes how solitude is a dimension of her personal and public life: how she defines it, if and ...

Gender, Time, and Reduced Work

This book compares and analyzes different forms of reduced work: conventional part-time employment, temporary employment, job sharing, and work sharing. Through interviews, workers reveal their experiences ...

Gothic (Re)Visions

Gothic fiction usually has been perceived as the special province of women, an attraction often attributed to a thematics of woman-identified issues such as female sexuality, marriage, and childbirth. ...

The Education of Fanny Lewald

The Education of Fanny Lewald is the autobiography of the most popular and prolific German woman writer of her period (1811-1889). The author of more than fifty books of fiction, travel memoirs, and articles ...

Accidents of Influence

For Norma Rosen, the Holocaust is the central event of the twentieth century. In this book, she examines the relationship of post-Holocaust writers to their work in terms of subject, language, imagery, ...

The Sovereign All-Creating Mind - The Motherly Buddha

What distinguishes this Buddhist text from so many others is the timelessness of its ideas. It constitutes a radical attempt toward deconstructing Buddhist philosophy, and presents a feminist perspective ...

Women in Engineering

Who are the women who became engineers in the 1970s and 1980s?

How have they fared in the most male-dominated profession in America? This is the first book to answer these questions. It explores the backgrounds, ...

Education and Women's Work

This book examines the transformations in women's work and education and assesses their effects on women from different social and cultural backgrounds.


This book presents translations of poems by the Spanish poet, Rosalía de Castro, who is today considered one of the outstanding figures of nineteeth-century Spanish literature. Her poetry, often compared ...

The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim

This is the first translation of this work into English since 1776, and the only English version that is complete and unadulterated.

Sophie von LaRoche is credited with being the first German female novelist ...

The State and Women in the Economy

This book examines the effect of state policies on women's roles in the economy. At the most concrete level it investigates the relative lack of response of women's labor force activity rates to export-led ...

Aging and Menopause Among Indian South African Women

Du Toit contributes to the study of the climacteric as an important phase of the life cycle among women of different cultures (the later reproductive and postreproductive years). Drawing upon perspectives ...

Circles of Care

Explores the experience of women providing care to children, disabled persons, the chronically ill, and the frail elderly.

Confessing Excess

Looking at the discourse on female weight reduction in American culture, Confessing Excess analyzes contemporary dieting and the weight loss literature by taking up the themes of confession and surveillance. ...

Work Without Wages

production for family consumption and for the wider market. While the importance of women's domestic labor has been generally recognized, the complex articulation between household activities and the ...

Changing Our Minds

What happens when traditionally-trained academics begin to reconsider their disciplines in light of recent feminist scholarship? This book was written by academics outside Women's Studies programs who ...

Pushing the Limits

By providing new understanding and insights into the backgrounds and experiences of women pursuing administrative careers in education, Pushing the Limits fills a critical void in the existing literature. ...

The Worth of Women's Work

Many common assumptions about work are challenged in this book. For example, the findings refute the common assertion that work tasks can be categorized into '"instrumental," or task activities, versus ...

Women and Language in Transition

Edited by Joyce Penfield
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

This collection of essays deals with the interplay of language and social change, asking the question: How can language and society be made gender equal? The contributors examine the critical role of ...

Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women, 1905-1925

In this comprehensive, wide-ranging analysis, Susan Lehrer investigates the origins of protective labor legislation for women, exposing the social forces that contributed to its passage and the often ...

Women, State, and Ideology

Edited by Haleh Afshar
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

Women, State, and Ideology examines the underlying ideologies that make female subordination a universal experience. It analyzes government policies directed at women in African and Asian countries. It ...