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Global Rhetorics of Science

Takes a multicultural, interdisciplinary approach to the rhetoric of science to expand our
toolkit for the collective management of global risks like climate change and pandemics.

Made in New York

How New Yorkers transformed the world!

The Critical Ihde

This critical reader brings together both essential as well as under-recognized writings from the work of Don Ihde, one of the most important contemporary thinkers on technology and human experience.

South of the Future

Unique interdisciplinary analysis of gendered and racialized economies of care in South Asia and the Americas.

The Beauty of Detours

Proposes an innovative, holistic understanding of technology.

The Heroic Age of Diving

By Jerry Kuntz
Subjects: History
Series: Excelsior Editions

A comprehensive history of the first three decades of underwater exploration in antebellum America.

Destiny Domesticated

Analyzes contemporary technological society through the lens of Greek tragedy.

Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI)

Highlights the most recent developments in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and advocates a diverse range of approaches to make SETI increasingly more powerful and effective in the years to come.

Quantum Theory

Explores what can be known within quantum theory, with special emphasis on the difference between prediction and explanation.


Considers the ethics and challenges of biotechnology.

Postphenomenology and Technoscience

Maps the future of phenomenological thought, accounting for how technology expands our means of experiencing the world.

How the Gene Got Its Groove

Traces the rhetorical work of the gene in scientific and nonscientific discourse throughout the twentieth century.

Portable Communities

By Mary Chayko
Subjects: Sociology

Looks at the social implications of having constant access to others through cell phones, wireless computers, and other electronic devices.

Understanding Gregory Bateson

Essays and poems explore the contemporary relevance of Emerson’s work and thought.

Sins against Science

Recounts the fake news stories, written from 1830 to 1880, about scientific and technological discoveries, and the effect these hoaxes had on readers and their trust in science.


Critically engages the work of the philosopher Don Ihde.

Defining NASA

By W. D. Kay
Subjects: Public Policy

Examines the politics behind the funding of NASA.

A Parliament of Science

Interviews with scientific leaders focus on the challenges, promises, and perils of science and technology.

Metaphor and Knowledge

Analyzing the power of metaphor in the rhetoric of science, this book examines the use of words to express complex scientific concepts.

Visions of STS

Maps interconnections between science, technology, and society in order to understand both benefits and costs.

Spurious Coin

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

Parliaments and Technology

The first comparative analysis of the development and practice of technology assessment in different national settings.

User-Centered Technology

Presents a theoretical model for examining technology through a user perspective.


With a focus on educational computing, this book examines how technological practices align with or subvert existing forms of dominance. Examines the important question: Is the enormous financial investment school districts are making in computing technology a good idea?

The Challenge of the 21st Century

The population and technology explosions are shrinking the world to a system in which everything is interactive, forcing us to transcend traditional modes of thinking. In this book, the authors set forth ...

Peerless Science

This book examines the structure and operation of peer review as a family of quality control mechanisms and looks at the burdens placed on the various forms of peer review. Assuming that peer review is ...

Human Posture

Schumacher has written a provocative work in the philosophy of science. In presenting posture as the most important aspect of life, Schumacher examines how the terms of posture encompass all the major ...

A Conspiracy of Cells

A Conspiracy of Cells presents the first full account of one of medical science's more bizarre and costly mistakes. On October 4, 1951, a young black woman named Henrietta Lacks died of cervical cancer. ...